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God's Country Creamery is operated by the Bachman family and Peangatelli families. Mark, Melanie, Rachel,Eric and Hannah. Our operation is located in the northern hills of Pennsylvania where Mark was born and raised. From growing our own crops to keeping the milking cows clean and comfortable, to making top quality cheese, we strive to create an excellent product from start to finish.

Recognizing the health benefits of raw milk products, we choose to make all of our cheeses from raw milk. In addition, we aim to produce the purest product possible and are committed to keeping the milk free from antibiotic residue and artificial hormones. To further ensure the safety of the milk, our family pays close attention to the cleanliness of the animals, the facilities, the equipment, and ultimately the milk. Because healthy and stress-free cows produce the most wholesome milk, we consider cow comfort very important. Our cows are on a grass-based diet because of the added health benefits in the milk and to create the finest tasting cheese.

Wellwyn Farm: After operating a traditional dairy for several years, Mark and Melanie sold the majority of the dairy operation in December of 2000 due to the increasingly difficult financial climate of the dairy industry. Our family was able to retain the farmstead, located in Ulysses, PA, and a few of the children's 4-H animals. Two years later when these animals matured, the children, Rachel, Philip, and Hannah started their own small dairy operation. After Rachel went off to college, Philip and Hannah eventually decided to concentrate on raising young stock and farmed-out their milking cows to other dairy farmers.

In 2008, we grew tired of sending our cow family members away and began exploring a way to keep our cattle home on the farm. Knowing that simply shipping milk from our small herd would not be profitable, we searched for another more feasible option. We decided to make raw-milk, artisan cheeses and built a cheese house addition to our existing barn. We are now extremely enthusiastic about creating excellent and delicious artisan cheeses.

God's Country Creamery: The founding of God's Country Creamery provided us with an opportunity to not only join a time-enduring legacy of artisan cheese making, but also sustain agriculture on our farmstead. We offer nine varieties of raw milk cheeses that we make right here at Wellwyn Farm, and are delighted that we can produce a product from our own cow's milk directly to YOU, our consumers.

The name of our Creamery is birthed from a two-fold reason. First of all, we are truly thankful to God to be back in dairy farming. We value working with each other and our cattle, and are dedicated to making delicious, wholesome cheeses. For that reason we feel the Creamery is ultimately God's blessing on us. Secondly, Wellywn Farm is the family farm located in the northern part of Potter County (Ulysses, PA) at the headwaters of the Genesee, Allegheny, and Susquehanna rivers. The county is lovingly referred to as God's Country because of its gorgeous rolling hills, peaceful environment, and magnificently clear dark skies. Therefore we named the operation God's Country Creamery in reference to the beautiful land with which we are entrusted.

On a day to day basis, each member of the family will be seen doing different tasks that keep the farm and creamery running smoothly.

Mark works full-time as a dairy consultant and works two days a week away from the farm. He helps out on the farm and balances our own cow's ration to maximize quality milk. Mark is also responsible for marketing the cheese to different retailers and is the man to talk to about getting our cheese near you.

Melanie milks the cows almost every day to insure healthy cows and a consistent milking process. She is also co-cheesemaker. She also manages the workforce and schedules at Wellwyn Farm and God's Country Creamery.

Hannah is the relief milker for Melanie. She is also co-cheesemaker. She takes the lead on cutting and packaging cheese for shipment and sale, and prepares for food shows during the year. She and her husband manage the retail sales at festivals and craft shows. She helps Melanie as well with the crazy household demands. Hannah married Eric Peangatelli in October 2014, and Eric joined the farm and creamery shortly after.

Eric is the crop guy and mechanic around the farm. He is responsible for producing the highest quality forages for the cows, and is also the fixer when the equipment is in need of repair. Eric will also be seen in the cheese house to cut the curds and assist on cheddar making day. He also helps Hannah in packaging cheese and at food shows during the year.

Rachel is the oldest and is an assistant math professor at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. She contributes to the work force where she can in the summers, and maintains an interest in all aspects of the family business and enjoys summers at the farm and creamery. Her investment to the family, farm and creamery is greatly appreciated.

All of us love to work with our family of cows. The joy of dairy farming runs deep in our blood, and we are living our dream of producing quality milk and marketing our products straight from the farm.

If you are ever in the area, we invite you to stop by the farm and see the operation. We recognize the importance of establishing trust in your food source. You'll enjoy seeing the cows, tasting the cheeses, and taking in the beautiful landscape. For now, check out the rest of the website to learn more about the cheeses, meet the cows, gather recipes, and gain more insight into God's Country Creamery.

God's Country Creamery | 439 Pushersiding Rd. Ulysses, PA 16948 | Phone 814-848-7262 | godscountrycreamery.com
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