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1. What is raw Milk?
     Raw milk is milk that has not been pasteurized or heated to kill bacteria. Pasteurization kills all bacteria, good and bad.
Our raw milk is permitted through the PA Department of Agriculture and is regularly tested for harmful food born pathogens and bacteria.

2. How long is your cheese good for?
     Cheese has no established expiration date. As long as the seal is good, the cheese should maintain its quality. If the seal is compromised, some mold may form. This mold can be trimmed off and discarded. The remaining cheese that is not moldy should still be suitable for eating. Ideal storage of cheese once it has aged is 40 degrees so cheese should be refrigerated. Cheese tastes best at room temperature.

3. How do I store the cheese once it is opened?
     Limiting the exposure of the cheese to air is the most important thing. If you have a home vacuum sealer, it is ideal for storage. If not, we recommend taping the package shut again or using a rubber band to keep the package closed. Once again, if mold develops or the cheese dries out, the damaged portion may be cut off without harming the remainder of the cheese.

4. Are you organic?
     We at God's Country Creamery are not certified organic, but we are very conscious of keeping our product as natural as can be. Our cows and calves are like family members and we want to keep them healthy and happy. We can guarantee that your milk and cheese will never have any antibiotic residue in them. We reserve the right to treat a sick animal to save their lives and make them comfortable. If we ever have to treat a milking animal, we milk her separately and discard her milk. We also do not use any rBST on our farm.

5. What kind of milk goes into your cheese?
     We use only Grade A high quality cow's milk.

6. What do your cows eat?
     Our cows are fed a nutritionally balanced diet based around grass. Every bite the cow eats is balanced to meet her needs for body maintenance, growth, production and reproduction. We do not feed any corn silage. In the summer, our cows are pastured on grass. In the winter, our cows eat stored grass in the form of hay and baleage. We do use a custom grain mix including corn and soybeans to balance our cow's needs. 

7. What if I am lactose intolerant?
     We have several lactose intolerant people who have been able to drink raw milk and to eat our cheese. In general, the longer a cheese ages, the less lactose remains in the cheese. Also, cheddar cheese by process has very little lactose.

8. Do your products contain gluten?
     Raw milk is completely gluten free. Also, Boondocks cheddar is completely gluten free. Because of the salt that we use in our brine, our remaining cheeses have a trace of gluten.

9. Are your products GMO free?
     Our products are not genetically modified or engineered.

10. What kind of rennet do you use?
     We use a GMO free, natural rennet that is a by-product of the veal industry. 

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